Seated on the Throne Lyrics

Your Glorious and all declare Just how great is our God All of creation testifies that You alone are God (Repeat) Refrain: Majesty, Glorious God Seated on the Throne The Ancient of days, to You

The Blood Song Lyrics by Dr Tumi

I found Healer, that’s my portion It’s in the precious blood of the lamb I found healing, that’s my portion In the precious Blood of the Lamb I found healing, that’s my portion In the

Wafika Lyrics by Dr. Tumi

I’ve been longing for a while Nothing else could ever satisfy A thirst that no one else could quench An emptiness, that I could never feel Refrain: Wafika, wafika kimi (You arrived, You came to

Sihamba Ngomoya Medley (Live)

Ded’ endleleni yamakholwa Suk’ endleleni yamakholwa Hamb’ endleleni yamakholwa Iyaho helele mama iyaho!! (Thina sihamba ngomoya) Ngomoya, ngomoya, ngomoya Thina sihamba ngomoya, Thina sihamba ngomoya Ngomoya, ngomoya, ngomoya Uth’ asithandaz’ umoya, Ngomoya, ngomoya, ngomoya Uth’