Sihamba Ngomoya Medley (Live)

Ded’ endleleni yamakholwa Suk’ endleleni yamakholwa Hamb’ endleleni yamakholwa Iyaho helele mama iyaho!! (Thina sihamba ngomoya) Ngomoya, ngomoya, ngomoya Thina sihamba ngomoya, Thina sihamba ngomoya Ngomoya, ngomoya, ngomoya Uth’ asithandaz’ umoya, Ngomoya, ngomoya, ngomoya Uth’

Semphethe Translation

Semphethe wena ya ratehang (Please do not pass me by) Mmoloki wa ka (oh my savior) Ha ontse osetsa babang (While on others thou art calling) Semphete le nna (Do not pass me by) Jeso, Jeso,


Die Engele roer die bad [The angels are stirring the pool] Die siektes het in gespring [The sick jumped in] Die melaatses was gereinig En die dooies het op gestaan [And the dead were ressurected]

Shumayel’ ivangeli

Shumayel’ ivangeli, elizohamba (We are preaching the gospel, that is moving) Ivangeli elizohamba, Ivangeli elizohamba, libheke phambili (The gospel that is moving forward) Sithi wowo wowo wo (Say wowo wowo wo) (Repeat) Aw’ziph’izintombi, ezizohamba (Where


Sibonile amandla akho (We have witnessed Your power) Akhulula eluqilini (That frees us from wickedness) UnguThixo ogcwel’uthando (You are a loving Lord) Umuhle njalo (Always kind to us) Ngentokozo sohlabelela (Joyfully we shall sing) Sithi