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Difela Tsa Sione – Hymn Collection


1. Difela Tsa Sione v2.2.3
2. Amagama Okuhlabelela v1.0.4
4. Tinsimu Ta Mhalamhala v1.0
5. Phalaphala v1.0
6. Nyimbo Dza Vhatendi v1.0
7. Heidelberg Catechism v1.0
8. Tshivenda v1.0


1. Difela Tsa Sione
2. Amagama Okuhlabelela
4. Tinsimu Ta Mhalamhala
5. Phalaphala
6. Nyimbo Dza Vhatendi


1. Amagama Okuhlabelela
3. Tinsimu Ta Mhalamhala
4. Phalaphala
5. Nyimbo Dza Vhatendi
6. Difela Tsa Sione

For off-line use: copy the apk using SHAREit from your friends.

Download in Pdf Format


Phalaphala is a Venda Hymnal used in Venda speaking Protestant churches in
South Africa.

Amagama Okuhlabelela.pdf
Tinsimu Ta Mhalamhala.pdf
Nyimbo Dza Vhatendi.pdf

Amagama Okuhlabelela is a Zulu hymnals used in Zulu speaking Protestant
churches in South Africa. They contain some of the most famous Zulu worship songs
sang in contemporary Gospel music.

Manual Installation

Enable Unknown Sources

Before attempting a manual installation of apps using the .apk files, you must first allow your phone to install from “Unknown Sources” (i.e. non-Market apps).

  1. To do this, navigate to Menu -> Settings -> Applications and check the box marked “Unknown Sources“.

3. Go to your phone’s “Downloads” folder or anywhere you might have downloaded the app, if you cant find it check under the “SD Card” using file Manager

  1. Open Difela.apk (“Open App Manager“.)
  2. Click on Install

Your new app is now installed.




    • admin


      You can’t download it now, the current version only supports Android and BlackBerry 10.

      but alternatively all the hymns in the app can also be found on this website.

      • Dr. Ronn Mulea

        When will the iPhone version be done? Am now frustrated that by upgrading from Samsung to iPhone I have lost the brilliant experience of having my Difela tsa Siobe app….

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