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Difela Tsa Sione – Hymn Collection

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1. Difela Tsa Sione v3.0.0
2. Amagama Okuhlabelela v1.2
4. Tinsimu Ta Mhalamhala v1.2
5. Phalaphala v2
6. Nyimbo Dza Vhatendi v1.2
7. Heidelberg Catechism v1.2
8. Tshivenda v1.0


1. Difela Tsa Sione
2. Amagama Okuhlabelela
4. Tinsimu Ta Mhalamhala
5. Phalaphala
6. Nyimbo Dza Vhatendi


1. Amagama Okuhlabelela
3. Tinsimu Ta Mhalamhala
4. Phalaphala
5. Nyimbo Dza Vhatendi
6. Difela Tsa Sione

For off-line use: copy the apk using SHAREit from your friends.

Download in Pdf Format


Phalaphala is a Venda Hymnal used in Venda speaking Protestant churches in
South Africa.

Amagama Okuhlabelela.pdf
Tinsimu Ta Mhalamhala.pdf
Nyimbo Dza Vhatendi.pdf

Icilongo Levangeli and Amagama Okuhlabelela are Zulu hymnals used in Zulu speaking Protestant
churches in South Africa. They contain some of the most famous Zulu worship songs
sang in contemporary Gospel music.


Manual Installation

Enable Unknown Sources

Before attempting a manual installation of apps using the .apk files, you must first allow your phone to install from “Unknown Sources” (i.e. non-Market apps).

  1. To do this, navigate to Menu -> Settings -> Applications and check the box marked “Unknown Sources“.

3. Go to your phone’s “Downloads” folder or anywhere you might have downloaded the app, if you cant find it check under the “SD Card” using file Manager

  1. Open Difela.apk (“Open App Manager“.)
  2. Click on Install

Your new app is now installed.




  1. Bongani Trinity Mokoena

    Gooday siyabonga nge Cilongo LeVangeli however the songs are not complete please update

    Thank you in advance

    • admin


      Please check the Google Play store later today, we have a new update with the complete Icilongo hymnal.

      Thanks for your patient.


  2. Ntja Phomane

    Thank you very much for a job so well done.

    Please bear with me for my ignorance. Is it possible to have the Difela tsa Sione hymn in audio? Please consider developing the appropriate app for this request.

  3. Ntate P. Kgatle

    Good day,

    I see everyone is excited above, except for me who uses an iPhone. Please avail the app for android/iPhone users.

    Thank you ka Mohau wa Modimo.
    P. Kgatle

  4. Chiliza Nkabinde

    What a wonderful work you are doing to perpetuate our hymnals from generation to generation. May the Lord bless and protect your efforts. Any hope for the IOS users?

  5. Bonga

    Hi team Difela

    We appreciate the good work being don’t here, but can you please apdate the icilongo levangeli into full book.

    Thank you for your effort

  6. Bonga

    I thank you for good work you are doing on this apps but I requesting the full songs/book of icilong levangeli in Zulu.

    God bless you team Difela

  7. Pastor Ruben

    Hi brothers and sisters in Jesus name
    Im here to thank tou for the blessings you are bringing to US through this great job
    Im tsonga from Moçambique so i would like you to still work hard on tsonga hyms as well if possible can include mhalamhala hyms because de use more that book. Thanks for your attention. God bless you

    • admin


      Good news, we have started to work on them, expect to see a part of Mhalamhala with the new hymns by next week with the new update.

      Thanks for your concern

  8. Bennedict

    Thanks for doing such a great job.
    but the first version i had,had an option at ₩hich u can listen to the hym offline.and i searched every₩. ₩Here i cant seem to find it on these ne₩ versions.
    ₩hat happened?

  9. Thabang

    Hi, I will like to say great work so far. Please help search and avail a “Ke se ke utlwile” in Tsonga.
    Lastly, please increase Zulu hymns if there are no issues with copy rights.

  10. Msdixie

    Thanks for your contribution to a perpetual worship experience. We now digitall carry our hymn books everywhere. I am glad that my favorite Sotho hymn 347 is now included, but it does not appear in the alphabetical listing. Plz fix that. Be blessed.

    • admin

      Im sorry but we missed that one out; hopefully it will be corrected before the end of the week God willing.


    congrats guys for your good work you’ve done actually you have made me a better and professional singer in my church,i really thank you guys.i usually don’t like reading but the moment i saw your books guys i was even interested in reading the quarter of it in one night,thanks guys .god bless you

    • admin


      Please visit GooglePlay store to update the app, we have fixed the navigation issues as well as hymn 91.

    • admin

      You can get it on Google play… it comes with our Difela Hymns app. Navigate to the download page on our web side and click on “Download” or search “Difela Hymns” on Google play

  12. Nomthandazo

    This is incredible wow, u did a great job…
    Though hymn 91 is not da same as in my email book of hymns, nd I love the song, “re rata ha re ka bona, jesu letsatsi la Rona” please do something about it please

    • admin


      Please visit GooglePlay store to update the app, we have fixed the navigation issues as well as hymn 91.

  13. Mosa

    I would like to have this app on my phone but it is unavailable for my device and I use a blackberry 9720 ,all I’m asking for is version that is available for my device.

  14. Tlali

    I use the hymn book daily but it has come to my attention that the heading of hymn 197 is correct but the hymn itself not hymn 197. Thank in advance for your attention.

  15. Nkululeko Ndlovu

    You did a great job. The flaw is, every time you exit a hymn, you have to go back to the first hymn and start scrolling down again. Also kindly update Zulu hymns. Otherwise keep it up!

  16. Tshepo


    Firstly I would love to thank the publisher and team of this project for the wonderful work you’ve done. The only flaw I cam across is when I want to go to for instance hymn number 305. I have to go through every page to get through. Can you please improve on you’re index.

    Thanks again

    • admin


      Thank you for your concern, we realize that navigating through the hyms is a bit difficult on the current version of the app; but however, we have worked on a new version that is very easy to use, it includes a simple index that allows you to scroll down using a listbox.

      we have also made some modifications on the spellings as well as other minor bugs… do not hesitate to report any errors you come across while using the app.

      the new version will be available in about 2 weeks time, get ready for an update.


    • sibusiso

      Hi tshepo

      I am not the admin
      I would just like to say to you, check also the device compatability
      On my device, i only put in the number and click search and it finds it

      Also go to the website to see if there is any upgrades
      Hope this can help

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