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Joko ya hao Translation

oko Ya Hao e bobebe (Your burden is light)
E nkholla pelo (It lifts my heart)
Tumelo ho nna ke thebe (My belief is my shield)
Etla Mphemisa lefo (That saves me from death)

Nyakallo ke e fumane (I have found happiness)
Tseleng ya morena (In the Lord’s way)
Dira honna di qhallane (Enemies have scattered)
Ke hloletswe ke wena (He has defeated them for me)

Ketla opa ka diatla (I’ll wait with expectation)
Ketlare halleluya (And trust in Heaven)
Halleluya o se Natla (Hallelujah you are the warrior)
Se nkeneang ho Jehovah (that leads me into Jehovah) (Repeat)

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Joko ya hao Translation