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1. Use the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons on the right and left margins of the screen to navigate.

2. To select a specific Hymn type the name on the textbox above the list view and click on the particular hymn on the dropdown list that pops up.

3. To download a sample tune do to

4. To share the hymn with friends on Whatsapp simply click the share button located on the actionbar and select whatsapp on the options that pops up and then select a friend’s contact whom you would like to share with. (Please note that you can only share the currently selected hymn that appears on your screen.).

5. To check for new updates and the latest patches click on the download option under the option menu.

6. To have a specific query answered contact our support team by selecting the ‘contact support’ option on the options menu.

7. To change the background color and the font size of the text select the ‘Settings’ menu on the option menu.

Soli Deo Gloria