Seated on the Throne Lyrics

Your Glorious and all declare Just how great is our God All of creation testifies that You alone are God (Repeat) Refrain: Majesty, Glorious God Seated on the Throne The Ancient of days, to You

The Blood Song Lyrics by Dr Tumi

I found Healer, that’s my portion It’s in the precious blood of the lamb I found healing, that’s my portion In the precious Blood of the Lamb I found healing, that’s my portion In the

Wafika Lyrics by Dr. Tumi

I’ve been longing for a while Nothing else could ever satisfy A thirst that no one else could quench An emptiness, that I could never feel Refrain: Wafika, wafika kimi (You arrived, You came to

Inkazimulo (Neyi Zimu)

Refrain: Inkazimulo nob’ungcwele (Glory and Holiness) Bungobakho Nkos’Ujesu (Belong to You, Lord Jesus) (Repeat) Phakama! Nkosi Ujesu! (Arise! Lord Jesus) Phakama! Usibonakalise (Arise! And manifest Yourself) (Repeat)